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Ask 100 people what makes a wedding memorable and you’ll likely get 100 different answers. A few of these answers will be boring and obvious:
– The Wedding Dress
– The Cake
– Dad Dancing
– The Band

And some of the responses may stray into the abstract:

– The general ambience
– The romantic atmosphere
– The synergy created by two families joining as one

“What makes a Wedding memorable?” would not be a good Family Fortunes question. But if you’ve read this far you’re clearly curious as to what actually makes a wedding memorable. Well, fear not because we have an answer for you.
What makes a wedding memorable? It’s the flowers of course. Don’t believe us, well we have teamed up with Kane’s Florist to convince you.

Kane’s Florist

Kane’s Florist is one of Dublin’s longest established florists. A flower shop has been in their Stoneybatter location for over 120 years. As a Stoneybatter stalwart, Kane Flower’s offers free delivery to their valued Dublin 7 clients.
Kane’s Florist specialises in wedding flowers. They work closely with the couple to create beautiful, fully bespoke wedding flowers.

Flowers Truly Represent the Couple

So much of a wedding is predetermined. This is doubly true for those seeking a traditional ceremony. The wedding dress is supposed to be white. The wedding suits are primarily in dark shades of blue and navy. And the wedding cake is likely decorated in white icing. However, the wedding flowers can be bright, demur or exotic.
No matter the style of wedding your striving for, or the personality of the couple, wedding flowers really help personalise not just the ceremony, but the reception as well. Speaking of the reception.

Wedding Flowers Make the Reception Space Your Own

In any given year, a wedding space may play host to hundreds of weddings. Most venues have a similar layout and schedule that they impose on all weddings. After all, there are only so many ways to handle a large crowd.
This can sometimes make a wedding feel a little cookie cutter; like every couple is getting the same experience. As beautiful as the venue no doubt is, your wedding flowers help make the venue unique to your wedding.
From bouquets to dining table centrepieces, your wedding flowers put your individual stamp on the reception space, making the wedding truly unique to you and your betrothed.

Flowers always end up in the wedding pictures

Like the bride who will be getting a tan from the number of camera flashes she’s exposed to; the flowers will also feature prominently in all the wedding photos.
The photographer will also nudge the mother of the bride, the wedding party, the relatives and friends closer to bouquets and floral features to give the images a little bit of extra elegance and depth.
Even amateur photographers will snap a few photos of the flowers for their own Instagram and Facebook accounts.
So long after the memory of the band has faded, and when most wedding guests can’t recall if they had the chicken or the steak, the wedding flowers will be preserved forever in photos.

Have we convinced you that flowers are the most memorable part of a wedding? Let us know in the comments and if you’d like to discuss wedding flowers with the experts, get in contact with Kane’s Flowers today.

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