Pet Sitting – Irish Rosettes Pet Store

Although they might often seen to be on the opposite sides of the fence, cat loves and dog enthusiasts have at least one thing in common. They both love their feisty felines or huggy hounds.
It’s only natural that this love would translate into how pet owners care for their animals. All pet owners want their pets to have the best food, the right amount of exercise and of course, the care, love and attention they so richly deserve.
This is fine when pets are at home but what happens when pets can’t come on that hoilday, that work trip or that weekend away?
How can a pet owner be sure that their pets are taken care of when they are out of town?
One sure fire method to make sure a pet is properly taken care of is to book a few days with Irish Rosettes Pet Store.

Irish Rosettes Pet Store

Irish Rosettes Pet Store is one of Ireland’s longest established kennels and cattery services. They provide both dogs and cats with the highest quality, temporary pet accommodation available.
They provide large private kernels for dogs to enjoy, along with a huge grassed, fully fenced exercise area that allows dogs to stretch their legs during playtime.
Irish Rosettes Pet Store understands that first-time visitors may be overwhelmed. As such, calming music is played. Calming music is a proven tactic to help even the most nervous dog relax and begin to enjoy their mini-hoilday.


Cat owners shouldn’t feel left out. Irish Rosettes Pet Store provides a quality cattery that is fully stocked with everything a cat could possibly need.
Irish Rosettes Pet Store provides large custom built chalets, that are fully fitted with enough toys and scratching posts to keep even the most energetic cats stimulated.
Their chalets are large enough to accommodate two fully grown cats. Great for two cats from the same household.

The Best for Your pets

Along with being one of Ireland’s best Kennel and Cattery services, the Irish Rosettes Pet Store is a fully stocked pet store. Their catchment area means they are a swords Pet store,  a Malahide pet store and a pet store for pet owners all over Dublin,. Their team of animal experts can recommend the right product for the individual needs of your pet. Maybe the most important thing that Irish Rosettes Pet Store provides is peace of mind. Owners can now go on that long holiday or on that work retreat, safe in the knowledge that their pets are being cared for by the professionals at Irish Rosettes Pet Store.

Address Corduff, Lusk, K45 T923, Dublin, Ireland
Telephone Numbers 01 8437009