Ashgrove Interparts Ltd.

We have all been there. You are driving along the same route you always take, with the radio tuned to the same station you always listen to, with the same sandwich and soup combo you always buy, when all of a sudden a strange noise interrupts the pleasant repetition of your routine.
Like any responsible adult, you ignore the sound for a while, sure that if you do nothing the problem will magically fix itself.
Instead of fixing itself, the sound gets increasingly louder and more violent, until your routine is well and truly out the window and you have to stop the car mid-commute.
What’s the problem? Is it the battery, the filters, the engine belt? Frankly, it could be a problem with any one of the hundreds of unique parts that make up a car engine.
It’s these unique car parts, from the biggest to the smallest, that dictate how well an engine runs. To make sure you have the highest quality parts for your car, visit Ashgrove Interparts Ltd.

Ashgrove Interparts Ltd.

Ashgrove Interparts Ltd. provides clients with their absolutely massive selection of spare car parts in Wicklow. Their collection covers all makes and models of cars, making them a trusted partner of car garages, mechanics, hobbyists and private customers, all over Dublin.
Their product range is complemented by their team of highly competent and fully trained staff. Their team can advise clients on the right car part for the unique requirements of the client’s vehicle.
They stock and supply everything from car tools and car parts for vehicle repair to car cleaning and maintenance products for general vehicle upkeep.

Car Parts

Ashgrove Interparts Ltd. stocks a huge selection of car parts including car batteries, belt drives, brakes and clutches along with everything the car or garage owner needs to implement repairs for all makes and models of car engines.
So protect your weekly routine by protecting your car engine by insisting on quality spare parts supplied by Ashgrove Interparts Ltd. today.

Address Friary Rd. Naas, Co. Kildare
4 – 5 Fernhill Plaza, Wexford Rd. Arklow Co. Wicklow
Vevay Rd. Bray, Co. Wicklow
Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin
Telephone Numbers (045) 499047
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