“Nothing is certain except for death and taxes,” said one of the founding fathers of Amercian, Benjamin Franklin. It’s an ironic statement considering that he signed the Amercian Declaration of Independence. A document primarily drawn-up because a group of rich slave owners didn’t want to pay taxes to the British Crown anymore.
Still, Franklin was certainly on to something. Nobody wants to pay taxes but more so, nobody wants to think about their own mortality. But as surely as we grit our teeth at the sight of tax deductions on our payslips, we know that nobody gets out of this life alive.
That doesn’t mean we have to dwell death, but we do have a responsiblity to be realistic about what will happen after our passing. What kind of funeral do we actually want? How do we make sure that our burial respects and honours our religious beliefs? How will our family deal with the funeral and burial costs?
Luckily Costigans Funerals Cahir offers clients a comprehensive pre-planning funeral service that allows individuals to plan their funeral and contribute regularly to the cost.

Costigans Funerals Cahir

Costigans Funerals Cahir has decades of experience in organising respectful, sensitive and professional funerals. Their reputation has made them Cahir’s most trusted funeral provider.
Their service extends to all religious beliefs and dominations. They design — in conjunction with the bereaved — sensitive and respectful funerals that honour the deceased beliefs. For the convenience of patrons, Costigans Funerals Cahir also offer a range of beautiful, sculpted headstones.

Planning Ahead

A pre-planned funeral gives an individual the peace of mind of knowing that their funeral will honour their final wishes and respect their individual beliefs. Pre-planned funerals also take the financial burden of the funeral off the shoulders of the family of the deceased.
Based on a fully customisable payment system, an individual can pay for their funeral in small affordable instalments.
This ensures that in the event of the unthinkable, family members can concentrate on their grief rather than the possible financial stress associated with a funeral.

We have to pay our taxes – because who has the time to organise a revolution – and we do have to leave this world eventually. Although they can’t help with your taxes, Costigans Funerals Cahir can ensure that your funeral is a beautiful respectful service that honours your life and allows family memebers to say goodbye.

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