The Horror Show of Upholstery Cleaning – Cork Cleaners

Picture the scene. Midway through a long car ride with a disgruntled toddler, you finally break. You pull up at a petrol station and buy the kid an ice-cream. Yes, it’ll spoil the kid’s dinner. Yes, you will have to change them afterwards and yes you promised yourself that treats would be a weekend thing only. But at this stage, you will do anything for peace.
Secretly you aren’t too worried about changing your baby’s sticky clothes, you aren’t worried about spoiling their dinner and you aren’t worried about the sugar content of ice-cream.
You are worried about that sticky, nutritionally barren treat missing the kid’s clothes entirely and landing on your car’s pristine upholstery.
Of course, as soon as the kid starts gobbling at the ice-cream their stubby little fingers get slippery and all your fears are confirmed. The sticky ice -cream lands on your upholstery. Creating a bulbous stain that no amount of scrubbing will ever shift.

Few things spoil a car’s interior more than ruined upholstery. Luckily you don’t have to spend the rest of the car’s life retelling the above story to disinterest buyers. Instead, you can hire Cork Cleaners.

Cork Cleaners

Cork Cleaners are an expert carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning service. They have been offering their professional cleaning service to the Cork community for over 20 years. As a family business, they know all too well the difficulties in cleaning up a carpet or upholstery after big accidents caused by little fingers.

Upholstery Cleaning

Along with offering clients the very best carpet and rug cleaning services, Cork Cleaners specialises in the cleaning of upholstery. In particular the cleaning of vehicle upholstery. Using the very latest equipment, methods and cleaning products, they can even remove the most stubborn of dried in stains.
Their innovative rug cleaning techniques mean that while they are tough on the stain while being gentle on the actual fabric; they don’t bleach, stain or damage even the most sensitive of materials.

Cork Cleaners the Upholstery Experts

So don’t let a “five minutes of peace” ice cream turn into a lifetime, sticky, discoloured stain of regret. Instead, have Cork Cleaners the upholstery cleaning experts, clean your carpet, rug or car upholstery today.

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