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The Dos and Don’ts of Scaffolding Hire – Harty Scaffolding

With modern technology and stringent health and safety regulations, injuries on building sites have thankfully continued to decrease over the past number of years. However, falls account for the vast majority of accidents and injuries that still do occur. In the interest of safety, we have teamed up with the expert’s at Harty Scaffolding, to bring you the Dos and Don’ts of Scaffolding hire.

Harty Scaffolding

Harty scaffolding has been providing professional scaffolding solutions for over 20 years. They provide a scaffolding hire and a scaffolding erection service to building sites in their native Waterford and the surrounding counties. Their experience, expertise and absolute focus on building site safety has made them a favourite with construction contractors all over Ireland.

The Dos of Scaffolding Hire

Do get properly trained before using the scaffolding. Scaffolding can be dangerous. It is important that everyone who will use and work around the scaffolding are properly trained in its safe, responsible use.
Do hire all scaffolding from an established, credible company. Poorly maintained or poorly constructed scaffolding can be extremely dangerous. With over two decades of experience, clients can rest assured that all scaffolding provided by Harty Scaffolding passes their stringent safety checks.
Do have your scaffolding regularly inspected. Constant use and bad weather can compromise the integrity of scaffolding. It’s important to have the build regularly assessed to ensure the construction complies with all safety directives.
Harty Construction carries out regular inspections on all their erected scaffolding.

The Don’ts of Scaffolding Hire

Don’t leave anything on the scaffolding at the end of the workday. Items left on scaffolding could be blown-over or become a tripping hazard
Don’t overload the scaffolding. All scaffolding has a maximum intended load. When you hire scaffolding from Harty Scaffolding they provide clients with detailed information on the maximum weight permitted on the scaffolding.

Don’t ever use scaffolding that looks damaged or shows signs of excessive wear. All scaffolding provided by Harty Scaffolding has passed their stringent competency tests and assessments.
If you need more advice on scaffolding, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with Harty Scaffolding today.

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