There are many options for fitted kitchens and wardrobes out there, but often in the pursuit of simplicity manufacturers skimp on the quality of materials, meaning customers end up with a sub-par installation. Through years of dedication and experience, Concannon Fitted Kitchens and Wardrobes have been able to expertly combine high-quality installations with an efficient fitted model, a service which has contributed to them being one of the most sought after kitchen and wardrobe fitters in the Westmeath area.

Efficient Installation

As the name suggests, fitted kitchens and wardrobes allow for a quick and simple installation process as they have been specifically built for the space in mind. Concannon Fitted Kitchens and Wardrobes have this process down to a fine art, taking accurate measurements in order to craft and fit the new furniture and fixtures. They also have a large range of materials to choose from, allowing for greater design flexibility.

Doors & Accessories

In addition to their complete kitchen and wardrobe installations, Concannon Fitted Kitchens and Wardrobes also have a selection of doors and accessories to choose from, either as standalone products or to be added to your existing kitchen or wardrobe project. Again, this allows for a greater amount of design flexibility which is not something you will find from other fitted furniture manufacturers and installers.
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