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Funeral homes have seen a large uptake in pre-planned funerals in recent years. More and more people are choosing to pre-plan their own or a loved one’s funeral. There are benefits to making these decisions and arrangements in advance. You can have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be followed and it is comforting to know that your family will not have to make arrangements during the difficult time of their initial grief. It can also contribute greatly to funding the funeral and reduce the cost for your loved ones when the time does come.

The most important thing is to choose an experienced and established funeral home to look after all of your arrangements. Patrick O’Donovan and Son can help you with pre-planning your funeral.

Patrick O’Dononvan and Son

Established in 1965, Patrick O’Donovan and Son have been arranging funerals all over Dublin and Wicklow for over 50 years. With their years of experience, Patrick O’Dononvan and Son look after all arrangements in a sensitive and compassionate manner. Their fantastic team aims to support grieving families through this difficult time and offer a sense of comfort and understanding.

Consummate professionals, Patrick O’Donovan and Son offer comprehensive funeral arrangements, including a pre-planned and pre-paid service.

Your Pre-Planned Funeral

With Patrick O’Donovan and Son’s pre-planned funeral service you can ensure that your loved ones will be spared the burden of organising your funeral. You have complete control over all of the decisions. Planning your own funeral can very daunting. Their team of experienced professionals are here to guide you through the process, offer advice and will support you in your decision making. They guarantee that your special wishes will be carried out to the letter when the time comes.

With their pre-paid service, you can ease the cost of funding the funeral on your family and loved ones. No matter how much costs rise in the interim between the planning and the funeral, your family will not be asked for a penny more. Once your plan is fully in place your money is protected in a trust and, when the time comes, will be used to pay for the funeral.

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