Leaving a dog at home for an extended period can be stressful for both the dog and owner as, naturally, people want to be reassured that their pet is safe and being adequately cared for. Choosing the right kennel facility can make all the difference as it relieves owner anxiety and makes the dog’s stay enjoyable rather than stressful. For those living in and around Dublin, the choice is clear; Hollygrove Kennels.

Spacious Facilities

It is important to first note that, as with any reputable kennel facility, all dogs staying at Hollygrove Kennels are screened to ensure they have received the appropriate vaccinations. The facilities at Hollygrove Kennels really make them stand out; a large countryside location with plenty of green space for exercise and spacious, secure, clean and heated kennels for dogs to be housed in. Dogs are also provided with all necessary amenities including adequate bedding, food and water bowls, toys, etc.

Happy & Healthy Dogs

Equally as important as having adequate facilities is ensuring dogs are receiving enough exercise, are interacted with and that, if necessary, medical care is readily available to them. A happy and healthy dog is the mark of a good kennel and you only have to read their reviews to see the Hollygrove Kennels have dog boarding down to a fine art.

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Address Hollygrove Kennels
Hollygrove Stud, Lyons Rd.
Newcastle, Co. Dublin
Telephone Numbers 01 458 7112
Email hollygrovekennels@hotmail.com
Website www.hollygrovekennels.ie