Taking the next step in your career is a big commitment and one that can cause a lot of anxiety. It is often the case that applicants for senior positions must pass through numerous processes which generally include interviews and competency based assessments. As such, the need for preparation is paramount, though applicants can often get bogged down in the semantics.
Potential Achieved was established by Kate Lawler, an experienced senior consultant, coach, project manager and business change consultant, to assist those looking to advance their careers by using tailored solutions to provide applicants with all the necessary tools for their career move.

Competency Based Solutions

Potential Achieved’s unique approach involves competency based solutions which are use to apply an individual’s strengths and experiences to the role they are applying for. Using inquisitive interview scenarios and in-depth questioning, they are able to assist applicants in preparing for the next step in their career and, ultimately, realising their potential.

Interview Preparation

This is often the most important part of the application process and, naturally, the aspect that many people stress out about the most. Potential Achieved helps applicants streamline their approach, getting through the unnecessary information so that during the interview they can present their best qualities in a way that is suitable to the position. This is achieved using competency by competency feedback and also involves CV preparation.
If you’re considering making the next step in your career, the services of Potential Achieved can help to ensure you are successful.

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