the bray launderette logoWhat’s your least favourite part of housework? Stupid question right. Asking what your least favourite household task is, implies that you have a favourite chore.
Nobody likes household tasks. Hoovering carpets always takes forever. Washing dishes is boring and messy and cleaning windows seems like an exercise in futility, as you spend most of your time chasing the streaks your squeegee creates.
But of all of these tasks, what is the very worst? What is that one task that never seems to be completed? What is that one task that is both boring, time-consuming and difficult?
Yep, I’m talking about doing laundry.
I’m sure just reading the word laundry, had your mind grimly turn to the ever-increasing mountain, of dirty socks, crumpled jeans and balled up food stained t-shirts, haunting a corner of your bedroom.
The good news is, you don’t have to tackle the mountain – and risk colours running and shrinkage – on your own. You can take your clothes to the experts at The Bray Launderette.

The Bray Launderette

The Bray Launderette provides clients all over Bray with the very best laundry services. Their launderette is stocked with 8 modern state-of-the-art washing and drying machines. Clients have full access to these self-service machines. The Bray Launderette also provides dry cleaning and ironing services. They also do large scale laundry for hotels and restaurants.

Full Laundry Service

If you are completely overwhelmed or behind in your weekly laundry, The Bray Launderette provides clients with a full laundry service. Using state-of-the-art machines and expert staff, The Bray Launderette transforms your mess of dirty laundry into a neat, tidy and folded bundle.
So do your self a favour and avoid the pain of doing your own laundry and put it in the hands of the experts at The Bray Launderette.

Address 10 Goldsmith Terrace, Quinsboro Road, Bray, Wicklow
Telephone Numbers 01 5134692
Email info@braylaunderette.com
Website www.braylaunderette.com


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