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Old, classic and traditional furniture is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence as of late. The trend towards, sleek modern and minimalistic furniture has taken a back seat (excuse the pun) replaced by businesses raiding second-hand shops and auctions, looking for that pre-loved Granny coach or a 70’s era dining chair set. These past few years it’s become hard to find a coffee shop or inner city bar that isn’t furnished with a hodgepodge of old boarding school wooden chairs, 1960’s sofas and coaches. Cool has well and truly given way to comfort. Of course, old furniture doesn’t need to show its age, thanks to companies like Artane Upholstery.

Artane Upholstery


Artane Upholstery is an expert upholstery company that can boast over 3 decades of offering the very best upholstery services. The secret to their longevity is their professionalism and unrivalled expertise. Artane Upholstery’s amazing work blurs the line between upholstery and complete furniture transformation. Looking at some of their before and after examples it can be difficult to image that the original piece and the reupholster piece are actually one and the same.
With even a passing glance at their portfolio, it’s clear why Artane Upholstery have become the go-to upholstery company for some of Ireland’s most prestigious hotels.

Prestigious Clientele


Artane Upholstery has completed work for some of Ireland’s most luxurious and famous hotels. They have completed huge projects for the historic Clontarf Castle; updating the castle’s furniture whilst still retaining the old world elegance the building is known for.
The company has also reupholstered the furniture in the Westin’s hotel’s lobby. Tying together a selection of diverse furniture examples so they complement and retain the building’s beautiful Georgian aesthetic.
Pubs and cafés have caught on to the advantages of old comfortable furniture. And thanks to companies like Artane Upholstery it’s been proven that we can enjoy the luxuriant comfort of classic furniture without having to put up with dated colourings or worn lining.

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