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On January 12th, Mark Zuckerberg announced a big change being rolled out in Facebook. The Facebook algorithm is starting to change overtime to promote the personal side of your News Feed, rather than the media-based side of it. The reason for this? Passive experiences on Facebook, such as blankly watching a video without interaction, might not be as good for our well-being in the long run. This is a big problem for businesses who use Facebook as a marketing platform. There are a few things we can do, however, to try and keep ourselves afloat after this changeover.

Adapting to the Change

Zuckerberg mentioned in his announcement that public content from businesses/brands/media should encourage meaningful interactions between users. This will help to enhance the ‘social-experience’ aspect of it. Because of this, businesses must tailor their content to suit these preferences. So what exactly can we do to work alongside this change in the algorithm to keep our business visible on Facebook?

Given that public posts by the media are going to be reduced, we should focus on quality over quantity. We know what Facebook wants on News Feed, so that is the standard to follow. 1 strong, valuable post > 5 weak, meaningless posts. Quality content as often as possible is what we should strive for. What makes a post valuable now? Engagement. And what exactly is engagement? Likes, comments, shares. And this is now our goal.

What can we do?

Using video is much more engaging for audiences than paragraphs of text. It requires less effort on their part and the visual will draw them in. Videos on News Feed are very often watched in public places without sound. Keeping the visual strong with supporting text or subtitles is crucial.

Statistics of online video activity

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Relevant content is important to gain activity. As mentioned before, passivity is what we are trying to avoid. Having lots of content that is of little relevance to your audience definitely won’t get you the interactions you’re looking for.

Try out a PR approach rather than advertising a product in order to strengthen your relationship with the customer. Build up the connection with your audience through genuinely sincere content. This will generate solid interactions in the long run as they gain trust and their interest grows.

Including content that will drive users to post longer comments will help to rank your content higher and gain visibility on News Feed. This could be content that includes a question asking for users opinions, or content with brand new information that is highly relevant. Both could trigger ‘user to user’ interaction (like tagging) which weights heavier than ‘user to page’ interaction.

Having said all of this, it is important to genuinely consider the customers’ interests so as to remain appealing and build their trust in your business.

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