Affordable Date Ideas

Stuck for a date idea for Valentine’s day?

Here’s a list of ideas for you to do with your significant other.

1. Home Cooking

The easy but ultimate Valentine’s date is cooking at home – together. Turn on a bit of music, pull up the recipe, light a few candles and enjoy the time at home together. This is great if you’re not in the mood for fussy menus or wondering how long you’ll have the table for.

2. Picnic

Despite the cold weather, a picnic can be really enjoyable if you bring appropriate blankets and clothing. Pack a bag of nibbles and enjoy the evening outdoors – hopefully Irish weather doesn’t disappoint. Easy picnic food includes sandwiches, cheese and crackers, salads and fruit.

3. Day Trip

Go for a day trip to the zoo or the botanic gardens for a walk. This is a cute & active way to spend time in the fresh air together in beautiful surroundings. See option 2 (picnic) for added romance.

4. Classic cinema date

Visit the cinema for a romantic comedy or a horror. A classic date idea that never fails to excite, especially for new couples. You can put that ‘yawn and stretch’ move you’ve been practicing into use.

5. Escape Room

Book an escape room and work together as a team of 2 to solve the puzzles and find your way out. It’s the nearest thing to Indiana Jones you’ll get for a Valentine’s date.

6. Stand-Up Comedy

Visit a comedy lounge and share a laugh, or a cringe, at a few comedians. There’s always a good selection of comedy nights around every city.

7. Parked date

Go for a drive, park by the beach or seaside. Bring popcorn or snacks, listen to good music & people watch. The ultimate chill date. Just make sure you park legally – getting clamped isn’t romantic.

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