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5 Reasons Why You Need a Business Website.

Some people might wonder why their business needs a website if their loyal customers are already aware of them & how their business works. But every business should grow alongside our evolving society, which means entering the technological world in order to stay relevant for the generation of digital nomads.

Let’s get more specific.
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1. Online Presence

The fact of the matter is, everything is online nowadays. We use Google to find information every single day. 81% of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase, and if your business isn’t there, chances are they won’t be purchasing from you.

It is frustrating if a business does not have a website as a shopper cannot prepare themselves for a possible purchase. Having information such as a business address, a phone number and images create a sense of trust for potential customers. It aids in having a professional business image.

Other information such as a price list, opening hours & an online booking system/e-commerce platform creates convenience for a potential customer and will generate a more positive impression of your business in their mind.
Given how easy it is to acquire a website, if a business does not have one, it may cause customers to question the credibility of a business.

2. Increased Income

SMEs that have a website have been recorded to earn an extra €24K on average each year. Some people might think, “a website would be expensive to build and run”, but this is not the case. Depending on the size required and the website developer, a business website can start from only €500. Think about the price of advertising and signage for a business. A website does all of this and more.

By also having an e-commerce platform or online booking system, customers can make instant purchases without having to make a trip into the business where in this time, their desire to purchase may change.

3. Brand Reliability

Given that shoppers tend to trust the opinions of other shoppers, having a website which allows for service/product customer reviews is a great way to build your trustworthiness. 61% of shoppers read other shoppers reviews of a product or service before making a purchase.

Allowing customers to review your business on your website shows that you are proud of your business and confident that customers will be satisfied. In other words, you aren’t hiding anything or conning customers into bad business.

4. Your Business has a Voice

Having an online platform gives you direct access to your target customer, so you can use this to voice what exactly your business is about and why it is the right choice. If a website has strong SEO (search engine optimisation), then it will most likely rank high for internet users who search for services or products in your industry.
By having this authority over search engines, your website will gain high traffic and your message & value will be acknowledged by many, thus boosting your business.

5. Contact & Communication

Having a means of communication for customers is incredibly important. Using a website for this is a great idea, as customers no longer have to search through a phonebook to find your business number or call into the business in person. By having a phone number, an email address or a website chat system, customers can make contact with you easily while resting assured that they have the correct business in mind.

This is great for answering customer queries quickly, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction and affect your brand reliability.

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