ARD office equipment logoTech giants like Google and Facebook have forever changed how we access information and socialise online. Websites like eBay have changed the way we shop and sites like Airbnb have even changed how we sleep when travelling.
These corporations have changed so many different parts of our lives. But they have ushered in another less published change.
All these tech giants have completely changed how we think about office space. The grey, non-descript cubicles of yesteryear are gone, replaced by open-plan offices decorated in tasteful furnishings and quirky features.
The modern office looks more like an oh-so-cool independent coffee shop or theme bar than a work environment.
At the forefront of this office space revolution is ARD Office Equipment.

ARD Office Equipment

ARD Office Equipment is a professional supplier of office equipment and office furniture. Their comprehensive service involves delivery, unpacking, assemble an installation. The company has a huge collection of office furniture to choose from. No matter how quirky, weird or outside-the-box your start-up space is, ARD Office Equipment will have the appropriate pieces to create a brand-compliant, functional and productive office space.

Office Equipment

Whether your office is furnished in treadmill desks or Lazy Boy recliners, all offices need essential equipment. ARD Office Equipment supplies printers, scanners and shedders. Their expertise also extends to the maintenance and repair of this essential equipment.

The very best office equipment

ARD Office Equipment has been operating in Ireland for the past 2 decades. In that time they have developed considerable expertise in regards to office equipment. As such they only stock high-quality reliable equipment has proven to be an effective and long lasting office solution. ARD office equipment also provides recommendations on the right systems for the unique requirements of individual businesses.
Whether your office is decorated with desks or sleeping pods, boardrooms or ping pong tables, ARD Office equipment can deliver assemble and install the right furnishings and equipment for your business.

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Address 7 Harty Avenue, Walkinstown, Dublin 12
Telephone Numbers 016917402


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