Baggot cleaners logoWe have all experienced the scenario. You work up the courage to put your delicate, priceless – to you anyway – favourite dress or suit into a dry cleaner. You press upon the smiling dry cleaning assistant how sensitive the garment is.
You plead with them to be extra careful. You might even suggest that they only use half the chemicals.
“It only needs to be half clean but it absolutely needs to be completely safe and undamaged.”
Eventually, you pick up your newly cleaned garment. You hold your breath, pull off the protective plastic and gasp.
All your fears have been confirmed. Your precious piece of delicate clothing has been damaged. Some might shrug their shoulders and brush it off as, “Just something that happens.”
But it doesn’t have to be like this. Not with Baggot Cleaners.

Baggot Cleaners

Baggot Cleaners can boast of over 3 decades of experience in providing dry cleaning to clients all over Dublin. In this time, they have garnered considerable expertise in cleaning a wealth of different garments. Their experience ranges from contractual cleaning projects for large commercial clients to a specialist curtain cleaning service.

The personal touch

What makes Baggot Cleaners that little bit different to their contemporises and why are they the only choice when it comes to sensitive garments is their personal touch.
They have been open 30 years but the owners are still directly involved in the cleaning process. Every piece is handled with care and due diligence to avoid damage to even the most delicate items.
Experience, expertise and genuine passion for customer service are the three tenants that have made Baggot Cleaners one of Dublin’s longest established and most successful laundrettes.

Only trust the best

When you can only trust the very best with your tailored suit, wedding dress, vintage jacket or silk shall trust Baggot Cleaners.

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Address 1 Seafort Avenue , Sandymount, Dublin 4, Dublin
Telephone Numbers 01 6917574


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