Patricia Barnett Foot Care ClinicAccording to a 2016 report in the Lancet, rates of diabetes in Ireland have grown by a staggering 70%. An ageing population and a continuing rise in obesity levels have put diabetes on track to be the number one health issue facing humanity by 2025.
The prevalence of sugary snacks and heavily processed foods are two of the multitude of factors that have given rise to the diabetes epidemic.
Patients managing the condition need to be aware of their carbohydrate intake, their diet and of course, they need to be particularly vigilant in regards to their feet.
Diabetes affects the blood, slowing down or even stopping the body’s natural healing process. A small cut on a foot can become infected, develop ulcers and even gangrene.
These issues can have serious repercussions for the diabetes patient. Patricia Barnett Foot Care Clinic Ltd. is available to help diabetes patients properly manage their condition.

Patricia Barnett Foot Care Clinic Ltd.

Patricia Barnett Foot Care Clinic Ltd. offers clients a range of foot treatment options. From eliminating the presence of hard skin to assessing and treating common nail complaints, Patricia Barnett’s makes sure that feet are healthy and pain-free.
The clinic offers speciality services to diabetic patients, with regular assessments and expert advice on how to avoid ulcers.

Diabetic Foot Assessments

Patricia Barnett Foot Care Clinic Ltd. offers diabetic patients regular foot assessments that ensure continuing foot health. More than any other group, diabetics need to be vigilant for any potential foot problems.
Patricia Barnett’s provides assessments that offer expert advice on ulcer prevention and recommendations relating to proper footwear. She also offers regular foot screenings, that aim to catch any developing issues before they have time to progress.
For a more in-depth assessment, the company can also provide an ultrasound scan, that assesses blood circulation in the lower limbs.

Managing your Diabetes Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, don’t gamble with your foot health. Book an appointment with Patricia Barnett Foot Care Clinic Ltd.

Address Aisling House The Crescent st Orans. Road, Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Ireland, F93 DE40
Telephone Numbers 0749374644


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