If you have ever been in a shopping centre, a cinema, a restaurant or any commercial building you have been exposed to emergency lighting.
Emergency Lighting is the National Standards Authority of Ireland’s directive that ensures that if the main lighting in a building fails – due to unforeseen circumstance – the emergency lightening system will kick in.
Simply put, if the lightening system goes down, individuals inside will still be able to safely evacuate the building. Owners of non-residential buildings have a duty of care to the general public. They are required by law to have emergency lighting installed in their building.
Advanced Electrical Contracting Services specialises in the installation of emergency lighting in commercial buildings.

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services has over a decade of professional experience. They specialise in providing electrical maintenance, repair and installation solutions to commercial, industrial and domestic clients. They have extensive experience in installing emergency lighting systems in commercial buildings.

Why does a Commercial Building Need Emergency Lighting?

A commercial building or indeed any property open to the public is subject to government directives regarding emergency lighting. In other words, commercial property owners are legally obligated to have emergency lighting that adheres to the standards set by the government.
To further confuse matters, different building types are subject to different regulations. The emergency lightning directives of a hotel are different to the emergency lightning directives of an office.
Advanced Electrical Contracting Services has considerable experience in installing emergency lighting in a range of different building types. Their experts can draw up an emergency lightening installation plan, customised to the unique requirements of individual buildings. This plan will compile with all government standards and directives.

Safety Standards

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services ensures that a commercial building is safe, legitimate and legal. Even in an emergency, members of the public will never be left in the dark.

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