Roller shutter doors are the ultimate in industrial security. When made from high-quality materials and installed properly, roller shutter doors are as good as impenetrable.
Due to the versatility of shutter doors and their multitude of uses, there is a range of options available.
Depending on the requirements of the premise, an owner may require insulated shutter doors, fire rated shutter doors or rapid roller doors. With this dizzying array of options, it can be difficult to choose the right door solution for a property’s requirements.
So how does a property owner discover the right shutter door for their property? They can start by asking the experts at Aluminium Extrusions Ltd.

Aluminium Extrusions Ltd.

Aluminium Extrusions Ltd. has been providing clients with the highest standard of roller shutter doors for close to three decades. An all-encompassing shutter door service, the company manufactures, installs and provides 24-hour emergency repair.
Aluminium Extrusions Ltd. regularly advises clients on the tight type of shutter doors for their requirements.

Fire Rated Shutter Doors

Fire rated shutter doors are particularly popular in industrial facilities. Often installed in loading bays and as section dividers, fire rated doors are designed to stop a fire spreading.
Aluminium Extrusions Ltd. can integrate the doors’ mechanism with the fire alarm, for rapid fire response.

Insulated Shutter Doors

Insulated shutter doors are often used in factories and in the businesses where the front facing client area is connected to the product loading bay.
Insulated shutter doors offer enhanced energy efficiency by keeping the warm air within the property and preventing excessive cold air from entering.
Insulated shutters allow for a better temperature control within a premise and reduce excessive energy costs.

Rapid Roller Doors

Rapid roller doors have been designed to optimise the traffic within a factory or warehouse. These kinds of doors are particularly suited to large-scale premises with various sequestered areas. Rapid roller doors keep cross-contamination to a minimum, whilst still allowing for traffic to move unencumbered through the premise.
Hopefully, the above has shed some light on the advantages of different shutter doors. For further information, contact the experts at Aluminium Extrusions Ltd.

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