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It’s a staggering statistic, but motorcyclists are over-represented in road traffic collisions. According to the Road Safety Authority, Motorcyclists make up 10% of all road deaths. This, in spite of the fact, that motorcycles represent less than 2% of licensed vehicles on Irish roads.
With the explosive growth of cycling in recent years, the number of accidents involving cyclists has also grown. Prior to 2012, there were 200 – 400 accidents a year that resulted in injury to a cyclist. In recent years these numbers have more than doubled.
These high numbers beg the question. What should you do if you have been involved in an accident?
To help us answer this question, we have teamed up with Rogers Solicitors to present you with some important tips that should be followed in the aftermath of a road traffic collision.

Rogers Solicitors

Rogers Solicitors is a legal firm that specialises in personal injury claims in Dublin. Their expertise encompasses accident claims involving motorcycles and bicycles.
With considerable experience in this area, they are available to advise clients on the appropriate legal action to pursue following an accident.

Get off the road

This may seem obvious but shock after an accident can make it difficult to exercise common sense. If possible, your first responsibility is to make sure you are not in any further danger.

Check yourself for injuries

Shock can have a painkilling, numbing effect, making it hard to detect injuries. It’s important to carry out a frank inspection of your body following an accident. If you identify any serious injuries call an ambulance immediately. After an accident, individuals should always seek medical attention.

Exchange contact information

No matter the circumstances of the accident an aggressive confrontation will not help the situation. Calmly approach the driver and exchange names, addresses and phone numbers. Make a note of the time of the incident and the driver’s registration number. Rogers Solicitors also recommends getting a photo of the vehicle’s number plate and a photo of the motorist’s license

Look for a Witness

A statement from a third party witness could be important if the motorist changes their story. It’s important not to create a situation where it is your word against theirs. Having an impartial third party, back-up your story can be an invaluable resource if you decide to pursue legal action.

Tell your side of the story to the police

After the accident, it’s important that you give your statement to the police. Even if the diver has left, stick around to tell your story in full to the Garda.

The most important tip is to be cautious and do your utmost to avoid an accident from ever happening. We urge all cyclists and motorcyclists to exercise extreme condition at all times.

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