bond and co logoIf you have ever tentatively typed “How To Be An Entrepreneur,” or “How to Start a Business,” into a search engine you were probably immediately overwhelmed by the staggering amount of business websites promising that they alone hold the secret to business success. A secret they are more than happy to share, for a price.
There’s an old cliché; if you want to get rich during a gold rush, sell shovels.
Being an entrepreneur is having its gold rush moment. Half the world seems to be caught up in this entrepreneurial gold rush and the other half wants to sell shovels in the form of business solutions and business advice.
With so many shovel salesmen, how do you go about separating the important information from the deafening thud of useless noise?
The first thing you should do is seek out Bond & Co, one of Ireland’s premier accountancy firms.

Bond & Co

Forget the sleek, heavily marketed business course that’s been following you around the internet and book an appointment with Bond And Co.
Bond and Co., provides start-ups with a dedicated start-up accountant that offers new business’s grounded, professional business advice.

From company set-up to tax advice, Bond and Co. ensure that your start-up is built on a stable foundation.

Business Set-Up Post-Brexit

Along with start-ups, Bond And Co. provide their expert business advice to pre-established businesses that are hoping to relocate to Ireland post-Brexit.
Their accountants offer businesses expert advice on Irish taxation law. Depending on the specifics of the client’s business, Bond And Co. also assist with setting-up limited companies and sole traders.
So if you have ever thought of setting up your own business or have a multi-million euro idea, don’t waste precious time and money on all those so-called business secrets clogging up social media feeds, instead, book a consultation with Bond and Co.

Address Silverdale, Bealinstown, Swords, Dublin
Telephone Numbers 01 5134097

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