byrne tyre centre logoIn one of the largest studies of its kind, the Road Safety Authority of Ireland concluded that defective tyres were a significant factor in a large percentage of fatal car collisions.
The defects identified as contributing factors were worn threads, ill-fitting tyres, and tyres that were under or over-inflated.
The study, which analysed traffic collisions between 2008 and 2012, found that 111 people lost their lives and 30 were seriously injured in collisions were vehicle defects were identified as a contributory factor. Of these vehicle defects, issues with the car’s tyres were one of the main vehicle defects identified.
So what can we learn from these grim facts? Well, it’s clear that all motorists need to be conscious of their tyres.
So, make sure your tyres are safe by visiting the experts at Byrne Tyre Centre.

Byrne Tyre Centre

Byrne Tyre Centre has been providing clients all over Wexford with a range of tyre services. They provide replacements, tyres, tyre repairs, puncture repair, laser alignment and pre-NCT assessment and pre-NCT checks.
They provide tyres for all kinds of vehicles including cars, light commercial vehicles, agricultural, motorbikes and lorries. All their provided tyres are supplied by some of the world’s most well know tyre brands including Dunlop, Firestone, Bridgestone, Michelin and Blacklion.

The Modern Tyre Replacement Garage

As a forward-thinking, contemporary tyre garage, Byrne Tyre Centre provides the very latest tyre replacement services. Using advanced computer software, they can make sure all tyres on a car are optimally balanced. This balance is important, as it prevents tyres from wearing down prematurely.
They also use precision laser alignment, which uses 3-D technology to align all four tyres on a vehicle. Perfect alignment protects the tyres from premature wear.

Safe Tyres

With an aligned and balanced axle, you can be assured that your tyres aren’t being prematurely eroded. Byrne Tyre Centre can make sure that the tyres on your vehicle are safe and roadworthy, helping reduce the risk of an accident.
So don’t take a risk with your tyres, book a check-up with Byrne Tyre Centre today.

Address Main Street, Camolin, Wexford
Telephone Numbers 053 9108026

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