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The Chiropody Surgery logoOur feet go through a lot. In winter time, they are wrapped up in tight, warm shoes, that can restrict circulation.
During sandal season, feet are exposed to the sun and the dirt and dust from the pavement.
When you are weight training, jogging or doing almost any type of physical training, your poor overworked feet are bound to take the brunt of the beating.
Even doing something as simple as walking, puts a huge amount of pressure on your feet.
Combine all this stress with wearing less than ideal footwear, it is clear that a person’s feet are put under a tremendous amount of stress. As such, it’s of vital of importance to look after your feet. And the nicest thing you can do for your feet is book an appointment with a chiropodist. But when should you drop into a foot clinic? Wonder no more, we have teamed up with The Chiropody Surgery, to give you some tips on knowing when you should visit a chiropodist.

The Chiropody Surgery

For over 3 decades, the Chiropody Surgery has been providing clients all over Cork with the very best in professional chiropody. Their therapeutic approach to treating the person and not just that person’s feet and the ambient and relaxing atmosphere of their clinic has made them a favourite within their local Cork community.

White or Yellow Spots Developing on Toenails

White or yellow spots on toenails may be an early indication of a fungal nail infection. A professional chiropodist, can diagnose a fungal nail infection or diagnose psoriasis. Fungal infections and psoriasis are very often mistaken for one another.

Redness, Scaling and Fissures Developing Around the Foot

If redness, scaling and fissures have developed around the heel of the foot, you could be suffering from a foot infection. Foot infections often happen when there are cuts or lesions on the foot; caused by bad shoes or athlete’s foot.

Dry and Cracked Heels

If your heels have become dry and developed painful cracks it is imperative to visit a chiropodist as they a risk of infection is ever present.
A professional chiropodist like The Chiropody Surgery can ensure that your overworked feet remain clean, healthy and infection free.

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